CBD For Pet Rats – Is It Safe And Effective – Must Read Guide

Despite the bad rep that they get, rats can make some excellent pets when socialized from birth. They are intelligent, clean, affectionate and they love their owners. Rats have been bred by humans for hundreds of years and pet rats and wild rats are vastly different, it’s like comparing domestic dogs with wild wolves. CBD […]

Do Australian Shepherds Make Good Family Pets – Ultimate Care Guide & Facts

     The Australian Shepherd is a loving family dog for owners who are experienced in high energy dogs. If you decide to own one, you need to realize your dog will have a high energy level. He’ll require a lot of exercises each day to wear your pet down to a manageable level.   Aussie […]

Do African Grey’s Make Good Pets – Owners Care Guide & Facts

The African Grey parrot is an extremely intelligent bird and can imitate speech. If you buy an African Grey, you need to realize they make excellent pets, but your parrot will be high maintenance. These parrots like to have a routine schedule, so if you work long hours or travel a lot, this isn’t the […]

What Are Axolotls Predators – How Do They Defend Themselves?

Axolotls are peculiar looking amphibious creatures that originate from Mexico. They have a long history and have even been revered as far back as the ancient Aztecs who gave them their name as ‘the walking fish’ and the ‘water dog’. The ancient Aztecs had a god called Xolotl and they get the name directly from […]