Are American Bulldogs Hyper – What Age Do They Calm Down?

One of the American Bulldog attributes is that they are wonderful companions if you are the type of person who can handle one properly. Because this breed is so protective and proactive, you need to consider their high-intensity behavior if you’re considering adopting an American Bulldog.


Brief Overview of Whether They Are Hyper or Not


An American Bulldog is an active dog just by their very nature. Calming down does take a while. Even when your dog reaches the age where he should be calming down, he will do it little by little. This breed has high maintenance needs both mentally and physically.


Are American Bulldogs Hyper


Yes, American Bulldogs are incredibly hyper. You can’t train the hyperactivity out of your dog. Hyperactivity is not a personality trait but a symptom. If your bulldog is being hyperactive, then he needs more playtime and walks, not training.


What Can Cause Them to Become Hyper


If your American Bulldog is acting up, then its’ because you’re not giving him enough affection, attention, playtime, etc. There’s a reason why your pup is riled up; it’s not because he’s a bad dog. Here are some reasons that could be the problem:

  • Alarm or fear: There may be an intruder that your dog is barking about. It may not really be a threat, but your dog can’t tell the difference between new situations and strange people. Many times, your dog may bark because someone knocks at the door, and he knows someone is there. He could also bark because he’s scared.
  • Lack of exercise/boredom: If you don’t give your dog enough exercise or let him out, he could start barking, chewing on furniture, and running around. Your furry companion may be bored and is acting out. If he’s acting out because he’s bored, you can let him go outside or play with him for a while.
  • Hungry: Your dog may be hungry and could be whining or barking about that. If you feed your dog the correct amount and time every day, then this is less likely. But don’t rule out that he might be hungry, or his water dish is empty.


Are Puppies More Hyper Than Adults


Yes, puppies and young American Bulldogs, up to three years old, can be more hyper than adults. When they start running around and jumping, they do it with a lot of vigor. You may find your favorite china vase flying through the air. Puppies and young adults can also knock children and older people off their feet.

What Age Do They Calm Down?


Your dog may not begin to calm down until he’s four or five years of age. Even then, there’s been reports of owners saying their American Bulldogs didn’t calm down until they were seniors.


How Will A Hyper American Bulldog React?


Extreme aggression and over-arousal are two of the most common behavior problems of this breed. Also, your dog will run around barking and become riled up. He could become destructive, ripping apart furniture, clothing, and shoes.


Guide to Getting an American Bulldog Who Is Not Too Hyper


Every one of American Bulldogs is different and unique. Even choosing between sexes won’t guarantee that your dog will be calmer. Both of the sexes are active and protective of their owners and family.

But there are some differences in personalities. Male bulldogs are more aggressive and more massive than females. But, the males are also more emotionally stable and have fewer mood swings.

Female American Bulldogs have more emotional mood swings. But the females are less prone to physical provocation, but they are still excellent guard and protective dogs.


How to Control an Overly Hyper American Bulldog


You do have options to control your hyper American Bulldog. Just remember that it’s not a one and done option but different activities to deal with his natural energy levels.


Plenty of Exercise

Exercise is the best way to wear your dog down and calm him. You need to take your dog on long walks to deal with his overactive energy levels. You need an exercise schedule that is regular such as taking him for his walk at the same time every day.

Make sure your American Bulldog has some daily playtime. Bulldogs need to be able to run free and play. Walking on a lease isn’t the same thing as being able to run around free in the yard or dog park.

Plus, you need to ignore any hyper behavior when it’s happening. When you give him attention, then your dog’s behavior will only become worse. When you ignore your dog’s behavior, you’re not rewarding him with your attention. Once he has calmed down, then lavish attention on him and praise him.

Always neuter your American Bulldog because unneutered males are more aggressive. It’s especially true when there’s an unspayed female nearby. Your dog can even get injured while trying to get to a female in heat.


Obedience Training

The American Bulldog has a stubborn streak and can make obedience difficult if you’re an inexperienced dog owner. This breed was bred to hunt boar and fight bulls, so using corrective training techniques don’t work. Your dog will respond better to a toy or treat based training methods.

To make training into a game that’s fun is the best way to cut off this breed’s tendency to be stubborn. If you’re having difficulty training your dog, a skilled dog trainer might be a good idea.



There is a trend to use CBD oil to calm dogs down. One problem for American Bulldogs is separation anxiety when away from their family. This is because bulldogs are pack animals and are used to being with their families.

When a bulldog is separated from his family, he could experience health issues such as trouble breathing or heart disease. With the calming influence of the CBD oil, it reduces panic attacks.

Another thing to consider is that when you’re American Bulldog is anxious, his body can heat up. In Bulldogs, this can be fatal. So, CBD oil can support calm behavior and decrease anxiousness.


Tips for Training an American Bulldog Properly


American Bulldog is stubborn and needs a commitment from you for training. Be sure to handle your dog from an early age. Be sure to rub your hands around his paws and face, get him used to be handled. When he accepts this without a fuss, reward him with a treat. Other tips for training are:

  • Begin early: Start socializing your pup with other dogs as soon as possible.
  • Be firm and confident: Your bulldog needs a confident, firm, and consistent owner.
  • Play training: Because your bulldog is so energetic, play training is an excellent way to train him. His good behavior is rewarded by playing with his favorite toy when he’s finished.
  • Keep it short: You should only train for periods of 10-15-minute sessions over an hour or two. This is more effective for your dog than a more extended training session.
  • Exercise: Make sure your dog has been exercised first. It’s because if he has the edge taken off with exercise, your dog will be more likely to be responsive to training.


The basics of dog training are simple: ignore your dog’s bad behavior and reward his good behavior. It also requires on your part to have lots of patience and persistence. For example, if your puppy is nipping or mouthing, put your hands behind your back. Then silently turn around and face away. When he stops the behavior, reward your pup with a toy or treat.


Are They Good Family Pets?


American bulldogs are good family pets. Bulldogs are a brave breed; they’re not intimated by size and are dedicated to protecting their owners, including family and small children. The American Bulldog is muscular, tenacious, strong, confident, and determined.

Your pet’s attitude toward strangers can vary from friendly to standoffish, but even if he’s friendly, he’s a vigilant guardian. The American Bulldog is all about his family and can become destructive if left alone too often.

American Bulldogs can show potential animal aggression. Some bulldogs won’t tolerate another dog if it’s the same sex. Plus, some bulldogs have a strong prey instinct and will chase and seize cats or other small pets. If your dog hasn’t been socialized, trained, or handled properly, he could seriously maim or kill another animal.


What’s the Ideal Home Environment for An American Bulldog?


Providing a calm environment for your American bulldog is essential. If your dog becomes over-stimulated, then he will go into a frenzy. Once he starts that behavior, it will be challenging to snap your dog out of it. You will need to remove any unnecessary objects that will provide extra stimulus.

Plus, you are part of your dog’s environment, so your moods, emotions, energy levels, and personality will be mirrored by your pup. If there are changes in your pet’s environment, he could react in several ways. Your dog could bare his teeth, bark, shy away, or just avoid the source of his anxiety.

Consistency in your dog’s environment is as important as the consistency of their routine. If his environment is calm and consistent, then the less possibility that your dog will act out.



Pros and Cons of American Bulldogs Energy Levels


There are both pros and cons to the American Bulldog and his energy level and personality.




  • If you want a powerful and muscular dog and built like a Mack truck, then an American Bulldog is for you.
  • If you want a dog that gives an imposing appearance but usually is good-natured towards people.
  • If you want a dog that has an easy to groom but a sleek coat.
  • If you want a dog that thrives on vigorous workouts and exercise.


Then an American Bulldog is the perfect dog for you.




  • If you don’t want to have a dog that requires vigorous exercise
  • If you don’t want a dog that is rowdy and loves to jump, especially when they are a puppy or a young dog
  • If you can’t provide enough socialization to your dog’s protectiveness doesn’t become aggression.
  • If you don’t like a dog who has a mind of his own and needs an owner that is confident and can take charge
  • If you don’t like being slobbered or drooled all over
  • If you don’t like a gassy dog


Then choose another breed of dog.




It takes a certain kind of owner for an American Bulldog. The breed is stubborn, can be temperamental, aggressive, and protective. Without proper training, your dog will walk all over you.

When the American Bulldog is adequately trained and socialized, he can be the protector of the family. An alert and imposing dog, he will make any intruder wish they hadn’t ventured into your home.

This breed needs a extensive amount of exercise to keep his hyperactivity at bay. If your dog doesn’t get enough physical and mental activity, then he can become destructive. I’m talking about those pictures you see on the internet of dog owners coming home to their couch in pieces and foam all over the living room.

This dog loves his family; he doesn’t like being away from you too long. If you let him outside in the yard, don’t make it all day. Also, he isn’t the type of dog to live outside in a kennel. He wants to be with his family.

If you want a strong, protective dog that will love his family, then an American Bulldog is your dog.

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