CBD For Ferrets – Is It Safe And Effective

Ferrets make great pets, their joyous attitude and endless energy is infectious to their owners and those around them.

Like all other pets and humans, they are subject to various pains and conditions as they grow older or get sick.

CBD oil has been all the rage in the last couple of years and almost all of the scientific research points worth having a positive effect on her overall health so you may be wondering whether it is a good option for pet ferrets.

To explore this question in detail we need to consider how CBD works and whether or not is it is effective for pet ferrets.


The Endocannabinoid System

CBD works through the endocannabinoid system which is a series of receptors throughout the body and mind of humans and almost all mammals that possess a spine including ferrets.

The endocannabinoid system has been shown to promote balance and wellness and regulate bodily functions to make sure everything runs smoothly.

This system feeds on cannabinoids that are produced naturally within the body and what’s been discovered recently is that this system can also be fed by phytocannabinoids which come from plants and are introduced to the body which is what we get from CBD.



THC is the compound in marijuana which gets you high and it is the first cousin of CBD which possesses all of the health benefits without any of the high.

The levels of THC and CBD in the cannabis plant determine whether it is classified as hemp or marijuana. All hemp with under 0.3% THC is classified as industrial hemp since 2016 when the farm bill was passed.

THC is a toxic substance for animals and we would always recommend that you go with a high quality THC free product like CBDmd for maximum benefits.


Is CBD Oil Safe For Ferrets

Since CBD is not a toxic substance it is perfectly safe for pets and animals of all kinds. It is impossible to overdose on CBD and once you don’t get a product containing THC there should be no side effects whatsoever.


Is CBD Effective For Ferrets

The initial studies that have been done have shown CBD to be effective. It reacts with the CB receptors responsible for paying reception so I can reduce the amount of pain that you’re fat will feel.


What Does It Help With?

Inflammation And Joint Pain

As we get older, the joints tend how to get stiff if and rub against each other leading to inflammation and arthritis. One of the main areas where CBD has shown a lot of promise is introducing this information and eliminating a lot of the pain.

It has to be said, you can’t expect miracles from CBD but it is something that is certainly worth giving a try.


Poor Appetite

CB receptors regulate the appetite, so if your ferret is not eating as much as they should be, putting a drop of CBD oil on their food or in the water can help to do the trick.



If you’re having a hard time getting your favorite to get to sleep at night, CBD oil has been shown to be quite effective at reducing insomnia and bringing on a good deep sleep.



Ferrets are very hyper by their nature they are a little bit over the top, CBD can be great to calm them down.


Old Age And Mobility

As we age we tend to slow down, feel more pain and our mobility is affected. CBD can be a great relief for any aches and pains that we feel and I can help with the calm down and feel more content. The same is true with our pets.


For Owners

If you’re under a lot of stress due to the health of your pet ferret are you had trouble sleeping or with any anxiety, CBD oil is not a miracle cure but I can certainly help to can things down and have you feeling a lot better.


What To Look For In A CBD Oil

Certain things that we need to see when we go with a CBD brand is that the products have been tested and don’t contain any contaminants that could cause more harm than good.

You want broad spectrum: That means we get all of the goodness of the CBD and it includes all of the plant, but it is extracted in a way that removes all the THC so our pet doesn’t get drowsy or high.


We want to see the CO2 extraction method used: This is the best way of removing the CBD from The Hemp plant and it is much cleaner than other methods that leave alcohol or solvents in the oil, which is not pure and will cause our pet to get sick.


Third party lab testing: This ensures that an independent source has reviewed each and every batch of the product and we know exactly what’s in it. This is especially important as certain companies will create labels which have incorrect THC levels on them.


How Much CBD Oil To Give Your Ferret

To most common advice we hear for humans is 1 MG of CBD for every pound of bodyweight but your pet may only need .25mg to .5mg. Remember CBD is non toxic so there is chance of overdosing once you get a THC free product. You should always consult your vet before you start any new line of medicine to ensure its safety. CBD wont perform miracles but it is effective.

CBD Brands We Recommend For Ferrets

Two of our favorite brands that are broad spectrum, THC Free, Market Leaders in the USA.


CBDmd THC Free CBD Oil

CBDmd Feline

This is a public company and our go to brand for THC free CBD products for humans and pets alike. The Hemp is grown in the USA and they offer free and fast shipping within the USA.

They have specially formulated oils that come in natural and peanut butter flavour for pets and all the pets who have tried the peanut butter flavor have loved it for us so far.

Put a couple of drops on your pets food and you should be good to go.

They also offer creams and balms as well as plenty of different calming treats, chews and bites that you can crush up and put in your pets oil.

One of the best things about CBDmd is the bundles they offer they allow you to make great savings on their products.

Check Out CBDmd here and use Coupon cbdMD15 for 15% Off:



Joy Organics THC Free CBD Oil

Joy Organics are a family owned business who aim to be the gold standard in THC Free cbd oils for humans and pets and they do an excellent job. Third party lab testing is provided as standard and they offer free and fast shipping in the USA.

They don’t quite have the extensive range of CBDmd but they do offer special offers and deals quite regularly and their products are very well priced.

We recommend the oil and to just drop about .25mg per pound of body weight on your pets food.

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