Do Beagles Bark A Lot? – What’s Their Temperament Like?

Beagles are quite possibly one of the cutest canines on the planet. These loving, sociable dogs are full of life and energy and can make such wonderful family companions becoming the life and soul of the household. There are so many positives to owning a beagle however it is true to say that many potential owners are worried about the noise levels and frequency of barking this breed exhibits. A common question we hear is ‘Do Beagles Bark A lot?’

It’s important when choosing a breed that they are compatible with your lifestyle and will fit in well to everyday life. Excessive barking and howling is not everyone’s cup of tea so here we aim to give you the low down on how noisy these loyal, caring dogs really can be and whether you should expect frequent barking episodes.


Personal Intro to Beagles Barking Experience

It’s true to say that I for one have never actually owned a beagle personally however after 2 and half years living next to a family that own this breed I feel qualified to comment personally on the subject. There’s no doubt about it beagles can be very noisy when they want to be. It isn’t so much the frequency of this behavior that is alarming, but more so the levels of noise they reach to get what they want. Howling and whining is also certainly not out of the equation.

On a more positive note, I don’t think I’ve ever met such a smart, intelligent and handsome dog in my life. There are plenty of pros to having a beagle as part of the family and I think these positives far outweigh any negatives. Just ensure you invest in a good pair of earphones and your nearest neighbor is in the distance!


Beagles Table of Characteristics

Size Medium
Average Height 33cm – 40cm
Average Weight 9kg – 11kg
Average Lifespan 12 Years +
History Originally bred as scent hounds
Personality Friendly, Cheerful, Energetic and Affectionate
Coat Length Short
Coat Colors Lemon and White / Chocolate Tri / Red and White / White and Tan / White and Chocolate / Tri Color / Orange and White
Grooming Requirements Low level of grooming required (Twice per week is sufficient with bathing bi-weekly)
Energy Levels High levels of energy (Ideal for an active family)
Exercise Requirements At least 1 hour a high energy exercise per day (ideally 2 hours split in to two sessions)
Trainability Medium – High (relatively easy to train using a rewards based method, especially from a young age)
Barking frequency Medium – High
Barking Levels High – Beagles are renowned for their deep bark and howls. They can be pretty loud all in all.


Do Beagles Bark A Lot?

Beagles are not renowned for being quiet dogs and where they may not be barking the whole day, they vocalize frequently. Barking and howling is a Beagles primary way of communicating to us humans and other animals. They also like to bark when they require something from you such as food or going out for a walk.

In addition to frequency, it is true to say if you have ever lived next door to a Beagle you will have most definitely have heard them before you have seen them. They aren’t renowned for being quiet dogs and if you are looking for a peaceful, quiet life owning a Beagle may not be for you.


Why Do Beagles Bark?

Beagles bark for a variety of reasons. Communication is one of the key reasons for this type of behavior, particularly if they are seeking attention. A beagle will often bark when they require something from you such as something to eat or if they need to go outside for a toilet break. Instances such as the doorbell ringing, unfamiliar visitors in the home, sirens outside and loneliness can also set them off.

If your beagle is unwell or in pain it isn’t uncommon for them to bark as a way of them letting you know something isn’t right. In addition, young beagle pups are also often quite vocal. This is usually a result of playfulness and a build-up of excessive energy.

What Would Make Beagles Bark Excessively?

Barking excessively is not normal for any breed of dog and if your beagle is consistently barking it is fair to say that something is seriously wrong. You must address this matter immediately and seek some veterinary advice where further tests can be carried out to rule out any illness, injury or disease.

Beagles are very sociable dogs that enjoy the company of others. It isn’t uncommon for them to experience separation anxiety when left alone and excess barking can quite possibly be the result of this disorder. If your neighbors are commenting about how noisy your beagle is during the day when you are out at work it is fair to say that you have a very unhappy, lonely dog on your hands.


What Can We Do To Reduce Barking?

There are various ways in which you can help to reduce the amount your beagle barks depending on the key instigator. For instance, you may handle your beagle barking at someone knocking on your door differently to if they bark at you when they want something such as food. Dealing with barking as a result of separation anxiety is likely to be dealt with in a different way again. One thing however that all 3 of these examples have in common is the need for training.

Reward-based training is always the best method and shows some fantastic results with a little time and patience. Some key things to take note of when considering this training method:


  • Understand what is that makes your dog tick. Is a tasty snack their everything? Or is it their favorite toy that rocks their world?
  • Timing is key with reward-based training. As soon as your dog has done a good job and shown willing you must present them the reward immediately so they can associate the two.
  • Concentrate on training areas one by one and keep sessions short in the beginning so your dog doesn’t lose focus.
  • Keep commands clear to avoid confusion and ignore mistakes
  • Never use any form of punishment on your beagle even if they aren’t getting things quite right.
  • Get everyone else in the household on board with the training method so they can continue the good work you have


What Other Noises Do Beagles Make?

Beagles have pretty impressive vocal cords and it is said they have a different vocal for every occasion. Beagle’s vocals are usually quite loud, to say the least, however, can vary quite considerably in volume depending on the purpose of the bark or howl. It isn’t uncommon to have a different bark for every day of the week.

Barking and howling is usually a beagle’s main method of communication however whining, growling and yelping are also common. Check out this great video that shows a complete range of vocals you may hear from a beagle (we think Oliver is pretty darn cute too!)


What are Beagles Temperament Like?

Beagles all in all are pretty even-tempered. They make wonderful family dogs and can be a great choice for children as well as first-time owners. They always seem to have tons of energy and love to play and go out for long walks. This breed can be very loyal and affectionate towards their owners and love lots of fuss and attention. Beagles absolutely adore the company of others and are likely to become lonely if they are left on their own for too long which is referred to as separation anxiety.

Beagles can be very strong-willed and persistent when they want to be. Historically they were bred as hunting dogs and once they catch a scent that interests them they will often experience tunnel vision. This can be a problem when out for walks and you may find that you need to keep your trusty beagle on a lead for most of the time. When they catch a scent it is in their blood to follow it no matter what and you may have trouble getting your beagle to come back to you thanks to their selective hearing.


Will Being Left At Home Alone Cause Barking?

There is a blanket rule that says that beagles who are left at home alone on their own will bark however it is very likely in this scenario. Beagles love the attention of others whether that be human or animal and can find themselves feeling lonely, anxious and depressed if left at home for too long on their own.

Barking and howling are methods beagles choose to communicate with us and if they need something or are feeling unhappy you can be sure they will let us know (even if we are not physically there to hear it!). Separation anxiety can be a real issue for beagles and it is a behavior you will want to nip in the bud early on for both yours and your canine friend’s sanity (possibly your neighbors too!).

Beagles are a highly trainable breed and this type of behavior can be eliminated if proper training is put into place from a young age. As you can imagine, a beagle howling and barking loudly for the bulk of the day can be particularly stressful for your neighbors and is something that must be rectified so as not to cause a disturbance.


Will Health Problems Cause Barking?

It is highly possible that health problems can cause barking. Illnesses, injury, disease and pain can all be common causing of excessive barking and if this behavior appears out of the blue you will want to seek veterinary help and advice as soon as possible to rule out anything nasty that be going on with your beagle.

It’s very easy for us to just assume that our beagle is being a nuisance and howling unnecessarily when the key cause is a lot deeper than we thought. Communication is important for this breed and is the only way they try to let us know something isn’t quite right.

Some common health concerns for beagles include, epilepsy, allergies, obesity, hypothyroidism and cherry eye. A quick trip to the vets however can often give us complete peace of mind that our beagle is in good health and is not barking out of pain or illness. Even if an illness is a cause, you can be sure your vet will be on hand to give you all the advice you need and put a proper care plan in place to get your canine friend back to good health.


Are Beagles Easy To Train?

Yes, you’ll be pleased to know that beagles are very easy to train. This highly intelligent breed loves to learn new things and can be very focused and on point when the situation requires them to be. Overall as a breed, they take life in their stride and their friendly, energetic personality allows them to be a good base to work from.

Beagles, as with many breeds are far more trainable at a young age. Once they reach the age of about 2 years old, they are much more set in their ways and strong-willed which can make training much more challenging. Many beagles do well at events such as agility competitions and rallies. They have tons of energy and are highly focused (except for when a scent is present) and therefore often excel at high levels of dog training.

Key Take-Aways


  • Training from an early age is key. They can become very set in their ways after the age of about 2 years old which can make training much more difficult.
  • Be aware that beagles are renowned for barking which can cause conflict with neighbors. Detached houses are much more ideal for this breed than apartment living.
  • Although beagles are prone to being pretty noisy, excessive barking is not normal and could indicate health issues or separation anxiety. Always visit your vet if you are worried or unsure.
  • Beagles are hunters of scent which may make going for walks challenging. Keeping them on a lead is usually the best course of action of you are worried they will disappear on you and not come back.
  • Proper training can result in less unnecessary barking. A praise and reward training method usually works best and can help the two of you bond.



Overall, owning a beagle can be very rewarding. They are friendly, loving dogs with an energetic personality and fit into family life well. They can be a great choice for first-time owners and in terms of care, are reasonably low maintenance. So, do Beagles bark a lot? Yes, unfortunately, they do. This is likely to put off some potential owners, however, there are some key ways in which you can help rectify this issue with a little patience, time and proper training.

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