Do Beagles Shed A Lot and How to Control it

Beagles are a very popular breed of dog and it is only natural to wonder how much fur they are likely to shed all over your living room floor, sofa, and well…..just about everywhere else in the home. For some owners, this can be one of the deciding factors when choosing which breed to buy.

So, do Beagles Shed a lot? Like most dog breeds there will always be a degree of shedding. Beagles have relatively thick, dense, double coats and during the winter months, shedding is not always as noticeable as with some other breeds. However come the spring their coats grow out and shedding can become excessive. Beagles are not the lowest maintenance dog when it comes to grooming, but there are many ways in which you can help the process along and eliminate the amount of shedding that takes place. 


Why do Beagles Shed?

Beagles are essentially bred for hunting and as a result, their fur is designed specifically for such activities. Their dense fur and double coats are ideal for colder climates and fully protects them against all the elements.

Hunting dogs regularly tread tough terrain and come up against hazards such as rough bushes, shrubs, and twigs. Their double coats are also completely waterproof and weatherproof and safeguards them from harsh environments.

Shedding in a healthy Beagle will occur naturally however there are some additional reasons for shedding such as poor health, diseases, malnutrition, stress, and anxiety. If you think health could be a reason for your Beagles shedding, it is always a wise idea to visit your vet for a second opinion.


When Do Beagles Shed?

There are certain times of the year when a Beagle will shed their fur more excessively. During the summer months, there will be very little shedding and you will find grooming to be a lot easier to manage. They have relatively short coats and at times you will barely notice they are shedding.

Winter months are a completely different story and their dense, thick, double coats will fully grow out which can result in excessive amounts of shedding come the spring. This is a time where owners may find their Beagles to be much higher maintenance, but the extra care is necessary for the welfare of your pooch and the cleanliness of your home.


What Affects the Amount of Shedding?


Type of coat

Beagles have double-layered coats and any dog with this type of fur will likely shed a lot. The two layers help to protect the skin from the elements which is a necessity for hunting dogs. The outer coat is coarse and dense and to a degree waterproof. The undercoat is soft and dense to provide warmth and comfort.


Colour of the Hair

You can quite often tell when your Beagle is due to shed their coat by looking at the colour of the hair. As the hair strands get older they start to shed and you will notice the hair is of a much lighter shade. For instance, on a brown dog, you may see the hairs have more of a ginger tinge to them. New hair will look visually much darker and the changes in colours are very noticeable.



Older dogs tend to shed much more than younger dogs and their age is a major factor in the amount of shedding occurring. Dogs above middle-age tend to suffer from more health issues which can contribute towards fur loss. Skin conditions commonly result in hair loss as does malnutrition and general ill-health.



Different seasons are one of the most important factors to when shedding occurs. Beagles generally start shedding in the spring ready for the hotter summer months. Their thick, dense fur is likely to be too hot for them during this time of year and therefore natural shedding takes place.

The volume of shedding is much more during the spring/summer than in the wintertime so you will find more care and attention needs to happen on your part to manage the shedding process.


Heat Cycle Female

The Beagles heat cycle can be a stressful time for your female Beagle and lots of hormonal changes take place during this time. Although hair loss is not a key change in the heat cycle, it can be a very stressful and anxious time and as a result of this, she may begin to shed much more than usual. Even during the winter months when shedding is usually much less.



A poor diet will certainly not help with shedding. Your Beagle needs the right nutrients in their diet for a healthy coat and skin. Certain skin conditions can be the cause of a bad diet and can result in excessive itching. More itching means more fur loss and the cycle continues.


Does Grooming Help?

Grooming your Beagle regularly can make a massive difference to the amount of shedding that takes place. Although this doesn’t mean that you can fully stop the shedding altogether and you can be sure the hairs will always grow out regardless. It does mean however that the shedding can occur in a controlled manner. Think hair contained in a brush rather than all over your living room floor!

Brushing correctly can pick up all the loose hairs as well as those in the undercoat. This can prevent knots and tangles which if left can just make grooming more time consuming for you. We all know that dog hairs get absolutely everywhere in the home, but regular grooming can eliminate a good proportion of hair during shedding season that would normally end up all over the house.


How do you Groom Your Beagle for Shedding

Having a regular grooming routine with your pooch is a vital part of dog ownership. It is not necessary to groom a Beagle every day however once a week during the summer months should be sufficient.

During the winter months, approaching spring when shedding is prevalent it is advisable to up the grooming antics to 2-3 days per week. This will be enough to ensure you have tackled all the loose hair from both coats which in turn will reduce the amount of time you will need to be vacuuming your home.

It is fair to note, that although your Beagle may look like they need a groom every day, this would be categorized as over-grooming. By brushing too much you could be causing skin and coat conditions without even realising.


Does Bathing Help?

Bathing your Beagle is a great bonding exercise for the two of you and can be really helpful in combating excessive shedding. Using a shampoo designed for dogs is a must and the safest ones are usually made from all-natural ingredients. These shampoos will not only help keep your dog clean and odor-free but will leave their fur soft and silky.

This will make grooming much easier and you will find they shed lots in the bath which helps to keep the fur contained. As with over-grooming, excessive baths are also a big no-no and every 2-6 months is an ideal time gap between baths. Bathing more than this will result in stripping away your dog’s natural oils of the coat which protects the skin. This can leave your dog’s coat looking dull and lifeless.


Other ways to Control Shedding

Grooming is one of the single, most effective ways of dealing with a Beagle that sheds, but is there anything else you can do? Yes, absolutely! There are always other highly effective ways of assisting with such issues and you may find combining different methods more successful. Here we look at some of the other methods used to control shedding.


Diet plays a key part in the overall health of your Beagle. Feeding the right foods that are high in protein and low in grains and fillers will help considerably with shedding. Malnutrition plays a big factor in the shedding process as the hair is far more weak and brittle and tends to fall out much easier.

Dogs that are not eating enough wholesome, nutritious foods will shed far more than those on a healthier eating plan. Usually shedding is not through a lack of food, but due to a lack of nutrients in the diet.

Ensure you are buying good quality feed that is high in protein and fatty acids, but low in grains, sugars, preservatives, and any unnecessary fillers. You will be surprised to see how many pointless ingredients are often included in dog feeds on the market today and taking the extra time to analyse formulas will give you a great start in picking the right type of foods for your Beagle.



Dog supplements can be a really helpful addition to your dog’s diet. Supplements generally contain natural fatty acids such as Omega 3’s and most commonly come in the form of fish oils. Fat plays an important part in dog nutrition and Omega 3’s are a great source. One of the single most potent supplements to buy.

Omega 3 fatty acids are highly beneficial for dogs and can help to keep the skin and coat in tip-top condition. It can also assist with certain skin conditions which in turn helps to reduce the amount of shedding. Dogs with skin conditions tend to itch and scratch excessively which ultimately results in lots more hair being removed from the follicles. Therefore lots more fur scattered all over your home.

Supplements of this kind can also contribute to a healthy heart, kidneys, and immune system as well as reducing anxiety and stress. Puppies will also benefit from fatty acids to support brain development throughout the growth stages.



Shaving your beagle is not something we would recommend, but some owners do choose to give their Beagle the chop which will inevitably solve a shedding problem temporarily.

It is a risky move as although the topcoat does grow back more slowly there is a high possibility the double coat will not grow back the same.

After shaving the texture will likely be rough and feel a bit like Velcro which is not ideal and can become irritant to your Beagles skin. Velcro-type fur will also require much more care through grooming which ultimately makes more work for you. We do not advise this option.


Clean the House

There are plenty of great ways to try and stop shedding, but dog owners will always find hair throughout the home as a result of this. Dogs are designed to shed their fur and there is little we can do to stop this process completely.

There are however some things you can do to try and keep your house as clean and as germ-free as possible.

  • Vacuum daily (twice daily is necessary through shedding season)
  • Cover furniture (a throw or blanket is much easier to clean and remove fur from)
  • Lint Rollers (great as a quick fix for removing fur from furniture and clothing)
  • De-Fleaing (stops itching which in turns stops fur being scratch out)
  • Choose furniture materials wisely (some are much easier to remove hair from than others)


Tips for Brushing Effectively

Effective grooming is one of the best ways to combat the shedding process. It will not stop shedding completely, but it can manage the amount of hair that would normally end up all over your home.

There is a definite knack of brushing successfully and it can take time and practice to master the art of a good groom. This is why many owners choose to take their pooch to the doggy parlour so a professional can take the lead. Other owners choose to take care of the grooming tasks at home themselves which can be more cost-effective and a great bonding tool.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ‘at home’ brushing tips to help you along the way.


Brush Regularly

Brushing regularly can take out some of the stress of having shedding all over the home. Brushing allows you to remove the dead, loose fur, and contain it all.

Brushing once a week is a good guideline for when shedding is not so prevalent, however, upping this process to 2-3 times a week during the shedding season is a must. There will be a lot of hair and you will need to manage it logically.


Choose The Right Tools

Choosing the right grooming tools is a very important step to take. Beagles have dense, thick double coats that require a special kind of brush to do the job properly.

A brush we would highly recommend is the popular ‘FURminator’ de-shedding tool. It has received fantastic reviews from dog owners that deal with some of the most severe shedding scenarios. It has an ergonomic design that reaches right through the topcoat to tackle loose hair on the base coat. It works to effectively remove all loose hair whilst still being gentle enough on the skin and topcoat.


Blow Out Technique

Beagles can massively benefit from the ‘Blow Out’ technique which is an ideal de-shedding method for dogs with medium to long dense hair. For this method, you will need a high-velocity grooming blow dryer that is specifically designed for dogs. It does exactly what it says on the tin, it blows away all the loose fur and is a pretty quick process on the grand scale of things.

You must ensure that you use a blow dryer that has been approved for canine use and be sure never to use a human hair dryer as this will get too hot and burn the skin. It also does not have the air velocity needed to do the job well.


Check out this great video showing how the Blow out Technique works – HERE


Apply Conditioner

Applying conditioner to your Beagles coat can really help with the grooming process, particularly for those that have tangled or matted fur.

There are many different types to choose from on the market, but we recommend those using all-natural ingredients that are high in fatty oils such as Omega 3’s. This will help to keep the coat soft, shiny, and hydrated whilst still being gentle of your Beagles skin.


Teach your Dog to Love Grooming

According to AKC (American Kennel Club) teaching your dog to love grooming can be a very handy tip. It’s all very well having the best intentions and the right tools to do the job, but if your dog won’t stay still long enough to let you get stuck into the loose hairs, you will likely achieve very little.

Make grooming a highly positive experience for your pooch to the point where they are begging you to be groomed because it is so much fun. Start slowly by introducing the brush and running it slowly over their fur. Praise them for a positive outcome. As time goes on and they get more and more used to the brush you will find you can delve deeper into the fur for the ultimate de-shedding experience.



In conclusion, regular grooming is a must for dogs that shed. It helps to keep the coat in good condition and detangles any matted areas that are likely to irritate your pooch. It also helps to prevent shedding all over the home which can result in many hours of cleaning and can make your home seem messy and dirty.

Regular bathing is also a key factor in helping with shedding as is the overall health of your Beagle. Providing nutritious meals and adding in supplements can also assist majorly with the shedding process.

You will never be able to stop shedding completely and this is a consideration you need to factor in when choosing which dog breed to buy, however, there are many ways in which you can make the situation more liveable. A clean, tidy, almost hair free house is possible and easy once you know-how.


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