Do American Bulldogs Shed – Must Read Guide

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs or ‘Bullies’ for short are some of the most loving and gentle dogs that we can have the pleasure of owning.

They are fun-loving and playful yet large and strong and sometimes they can be quite docile throughout the day, choosing to sleep a lot. They’re not aggressive but they will protect their loved ones. They’re also good as working dogs and were often used by farmers for herding in the past.

American bullies just like any other dogs do tend to shed moderately, but there are plenty of ways that we can limit the amount of shedding and deal with it when it does occur. American bulldogs have short and fine hair so it is often less noticeable than the shedding of other dogs and they also don’t have a thick undercoat so shedding may not be as much of a problem as with other breeds.

American bulldogs are such loving, caring and beautiful animals that once you get one, you will wonder why you ever thought about such a trivial matter as hair shedding. They are really some of the best pets that you can ever own.

When do American bulldogs shed

American Bulldog 2

American bulldogs do tend to shed all year round, but they will shed a good bit more when the seasons change. Strictly speaking, your American bulldog should shed the most between winter and spring as the weather starts to heat up and it sheds its winter coat. The sudden change can be concerning but it is perfectly normal around this time.

If you live in a place where the climate is quite changeable then you will see them shed and grow hair more frequently as the temperature rises and falls.

Why is my American bulldog shedding so much

As we say this could be down to changing temperatures or seasons, but it can also be down to skin health issues, so it is important to diagnose whether it is just natural shedding or whether there is something we can do to reduce the issue.


While all dogs will shed, the genetics of the dog will play a major factor as well and this is why your friends American Bulldog might not shed at all but yours is a heavy shedder.

Hair color

If your dog has a darker hair color in the hairs will be much more noticeable around the house but if it has white hair or another light color, you will not notice it hardly at all except on black surfaces, due to it’s fine nature.

if you’re planning on getting a bulldog, it might be worth considering furnishing your house with a lighter color so the hairs don’t show as much.

Puppies shed more than adults

This is common in many breeds of dog and it’s also a feature of American bulldogs. Puppies will tend to shed a lot more and the shedding may even become barely noticeable as they grow into adulthood. Keep this in mind if you get a new American bully as a pup and it is shedding a lot, that it might grow out of it.

Health issues leading to shedding

American Bulldog 3

There are plenty of health issues that may lead to your American Bulldog shedding and if they receive any ball spots or if there is consistent heavy shedding then you can always go and visit your vet to get some expert advice and resolve the issue.

Start with the diet

Many American bulldogs can have food allergies and this can show up in the skin and the coat eventually leading to excessive shedding. The first thing you should do if you notice excessive shedding in your bullie is to switch up the diet and maybe aim for a protein-based dog food with all-natural ingredients and hopefully, this will do the trick.

Once you get the diet right, it should lead to a healthier and shinier coat on your dog

Get the Grooming right

Getting the grooming right will have a big impact and how much of your dog’s hair ends up around the house, in your clothes and even in your coffee cup on occasion.

You should consider brushing your dog at least twice or three times a week how to remove all the dead hair in a controlled manner where you can put it straight into the bin when you’re done.

Aim for about 10 good minutes of brushing about once every 3 days and if there’s no more hair coming out, which is unlikely, then you can just stop then.

Your dog will probably love the attention of being brushed anyway and they will probably show their affection by slobbering all over you, so this is a good opportunity for you to bond as well if you give them a treat at the end of it all it might even be the highlight of their day.

Wash the dog occasionally

Washing your dog a couple of times a month is a great way to keep them clean, to remove any dead hair that’s hanging around on their body and to get that coat shining radiantly.

It’s important not to wash your dog too much but if they are rolling around in the mud then, you’re probably best off to give them a wash down.

Get a good vacuum or wash the floor regularly

I’m a bit of a clean freak in my house, I find myself cleaning all the time. If there are dog hairs on the carpet, I’ll get the vacuum out or if it’s on the floor in the kitchen I usually brush it 3 to 4 times a week.

That being said, it’s almost impossible to get rid of all the hairs and they are going to show up, especially on your dark clothing but once you get to know your bulldog, that trade-off is a non-issue for such a loving warm and protecting creatures.

One thing that I found to work wonders is a lint roller, it really helps to get all the hair off of your clothes furniture and anywhere else it might end up. It is a good idea to practice good hygiene as well like not leaving your clothes on the floor where they will either be eaten or end up covered in hair.

Get a good shampoo and conditioner

Sometimes bulldogs have an overactive immune system and this can lead to allergies which in turn causes the skin to be itchy, red and dry which may lead to shedding. But getting a good natural conditioner and shampoo for when you wash your dog, you can really replenish the skin, resolve any issues or irritations return your dog to its natural healthy self.

Try an Omega supplement

Healthy fats, especially from natural wild fish, are a real treat for your dog and they also help with skin and coat. If shedding is an issue for your bully, we recommend trying out one of these supplements.

Furblissdog dog grooming brush

Furbliss Dog Groomer
This one is specially designed for large dogs with short hair, making it absolutely perfect for your American bulldog. This one actually massages the dog as well, gently removing all the loose hairs. It’s perfect for daily use and you can also use it when your bathing your dog. If my experience is anything to go by, your bullie will absolutely love this one.

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Hands On Pet Grooming gloves

Hands On Grooming Glove
We’ve tried tons of gloves and some have performed better than others. The hands-on gloves are patented and by far the best we have tried for American bulldogs. These are perfect for the daily brush or for bath time and if you can use them outside, all the better as you won’t have to deal with cleaning the hair up in your house.

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Pet Honesty allergy relief supplement

Pet Honesty Allergy Relief

These are packed full of natural ingredients including salmon oil which is great for your dog’s coat and they also provide allergy relief which is one of the biggest ailments that affects American bulldogs. These are an all-rounder, they boost your dog’s immunity health with probiotics, all-natural ingredients and free from GMO. Our dogs love these so try giving your American Bulldog three of these a day and see if it makes a positive impact while remaining realistic about the results that you will get.

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All in all, dogs will be dogs, and every breed will shed. American Bulldogs are large in size but gentle in spirit and they are not known as excessive shedders. If all that is stopping you from getting an American bulldog is the possibility of shedding, then you should probably not worry too much. If you have the time, patience and energy to take care of an American bulldog, then it will probably be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life