Maltipoo Vs. Cavachon – What Is The Best Breed For You

These are both small dogs with engaging personalities. They are gentle, friendly dogs that love being around their families.

Key Similarities

Both these dogs are originated within the United States. The Maltipoo and the Cavachon are almost the exact sizes in height and weight. These dogs also have between 10 to 15 years of life span.

The Maltipoo and the Cavachon both shed minimally with moderate grooming needed. Both breeds are kid-friendly and easy to train. They are easy dogs for first-time owners.

Key Differences

The coat colors of the Maltipoo can be varied shades of white or cream, apricot or brown, or any combination of these colors. The coat of this breed is more wavy than curly and tends to be fluffy.

The coat colors of the Cavachon are mainly white with patches of tan, black, apricot, or a mixture of these colors. In addition, he will have a silky coat of medium length that can be straight or wavy.

The Maltipoo is an indoor dog primarily but will go outside if it means playing fetch or a walk around the property.

A Cavachon does enjoy being outside, and if you have a small yard, he’ll be happy to go outside and run around. He’ll still need to go for a walkabout every other day.

Pros of Owning a Maltipoo

Since Maltipoo is a small dog, he can easily adjust to apartment living. In addition, he makes an excellent family pet since the breed is even-tempered. This dog is active, feisty, intelligent, and fun-loving. You will never have one dull moment with this little dog.

Pros of Owning a Cavachon

These dogs are sweet dogs who do well around children. He’s more robust than he looks, making him an excellent dog to be around children. A Cavachon isn’t an aggressive dog, but he will let you know when someone is around by barking.

Who Should Own a Maltipoo?

People who have an allergy to dog dander since these dogs don’t shed much. This dog will look forward to his walk every day, so you don’t need a lot of space for him. Maltipoos are affectionate and happy little dogs.

Who Should Own a Cavachon?

Owners who are first-time owners and people with children are good choices for a Maltipoo. Plus, seniors who can use a therapy dog. These are affectionate dogs who love their owner.

All About the Maltipoo


The hybrid was established in the 1990s to bring together the Maltese and the Poodle traits together. The other opinion was that the breed was created for people with allergies since the dander is low.

Size & appearance

These are small dogs about 11 inches in height and about 5 to 18 pounds in weight. Your dog could look like either one of his parents or both of them. The eyes are usually brown, but sometimes the eyes can be blue, although it is rare. Their ears are floppy, and the tails curl over the dog’s body.

The coat color can be any combination of their parents. For example, most of the time, a Maltipoo will have the thick and curly coat of the Poodle parent. But sometimes, the coat of the Maltese parent will show up, so the coat will be long and flowing.


The life span can be between 12 and 14 years.

Guard dog or Family

These dogs are known to be family dogs but can become protective of their family members. Sometimes this protectiveness can turn into guard dog behavior.

Training & behavior

The Maltipoo is somewhat easy to train if you’re consistent and use the reward method. They love to be taught new tricks, adjust well to a new environment, and settle in quickly.

Shedding, grooming, and maintenance

No matter which type of coat your Maltipoo will have, both will need to be brushed daily. Also, your dog will need to be professionally groomed about every 6 weeks.

Depending on how much Poodle your dog has in him will depend on how much he sheds. He will also need to have his ears cleaned, so your dog doesn’t get an ear infection.

Health issues

For health issues, the most problematic are luxating patella, tracheal collapse, eye issues, white dog shaker syndrome, liver issues, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

Always ask to see the health certification of both parents before buying your puppy from the breeder.

Cavachon Cattle Dog

Cavachons are the result of generations of mixed breeding, with the sole purpose of creating a perfect companion dog/family pet that is suited to urban living.

First Impressions & History

Cavachons have existed naturally for many years. But they’ve been recognized as an official breed since 1996.

Their size and temperament suits apartment living which plays a large part in the reason for their popularity.

Size & Appearance

Though they vary in size, Cavachons are generally small, weighing only between 15 and 35 pounds and growing to be about 13 inches tall.

They don’t often have only one solid colour, most of them are a mix of cream and white.

Grooming & Shedding

Cavachons have hypoallergenic coats. Brushing their coats three or four times a week and bathing them when necessary will be all the grooming you Cavachon needs.


10-15 Years

Training & Obedience

They are very smart and eager to please you. By using positive reinforcement and patience you can train your Cavachons to be exceptionally obedient.

Exercise Needs

They are quite energetic and active for their size, but because they are so small, only a moderate amount of exercise will be enough for them. A half an hour walk around the block and a bit of playtime at home on a daily basis will suffice.

Guard Dog or Family Pet

While they might be able to alert you to an intrusion, there is no doubt that Cavachons fall into the category of family pet rather than guard dog. They are simply too small to add any form of security.

Quick Facts

  • They have sensitive skin and will require sunscreen in places with extreme weather.
  • They are a social breed and enjoy the company of other animals and children.
  • They are easy-going and will be happy with any living arrangement as long as they are near you.
  • Good option for first-time dog owners

What About?

Temperament & Behaviour

These are friendly, happy dogs that love to spend time with their owners. The Maltipoo is loyal to a fault and has the affectionate of the Maltese mixed with the Poodles intelligence.

When socialized at a young age, they will get along with other pets and animals. These are charming dogs that are easy to love.

Exercise Needs

Maltipoos need around 40 minutes of exercise daily. This can be broken into two walks twice a day. Plus, mental stimulation is necessary, so games and playing fetch as good ways for your dog to get it.

Quick facts

  • The cost of a Maltipoo puppy ranges from $400 to $2000.
  • These are small dogs with small faces and short legs. Maltipoos have ears that perk up when they run and a short tail that waves gently.
  • The Maltipoo isn’t recognized by either the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club.

Cavachons In More Detail

Temperament & Behaviour

They have a happy disposition that is infectious. As long as they are with their loved ones they always seem delighted, which is part of their allure.

They are energetic and playful when you want to be, but they can be calm and cuddly when you want to relax. They will adapt to anything, as long as they can stay by your side.

Intelligence levels & Affections Level

Cavachons are highly intelligent and enjoy nothing more than giving and receiving affection. They are social animals and enjoy company and attention from everyone.

Gets On With Other Pets, Animals And Children?

Generally, they enjoy the company of other animals and children. They are small and fragile though, so small children should not interact with them without supervision as they might easily get injured.

They can also become a little jealous when they feel like they haven’t been getting enough attention.

Who Should Consider Buying

Apart from being so adorable, the appeal of a Cavachon is its adaptability, they could be perfect for anyone. All they ask for is love and attention, apart from that they will be happy with any living situation. They make great companions, so apartment dwellers looking for a friend can’t go wrong when choosing a Cavachon.


Cavachons exist with the express purpose of being companions that can find any living arrangement suitable.

They are a great option for people living in the city who would like to have a pet but cannot accommodate the exercise needs of many of the other breeds. Their low maintenance, adaptability and sunny attitudes make them a great option for first-time dog owners too.