What Is The Best CBD Oil For Horses – Must Read Guide

Healthy Horse

Horse can make for prized assets as well as compassionate and beloved pets and for those reasons among many others, their health should remain a priority, especially they are getting on in years.

As horses age they become more vulnerable to health issues such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer and many other illnesses. While CBD is not a miracle cure for horses with severe issues it can offer effective and real relief to your animal.

All mammals with a backbone including humans and horses have an endocannabinoid system. This is a series of receptors throughout the body and head that maintain balance in the horses health. These receptors feed on CBD whose healing properties include effective pain relief and as a calming agent.

Horses are quite big animals and with the recommended dosage being 1mg per lb of body weight you will be look at handing out a couple hundred dollars. The being said, CBD is a truly effective solution that will provide relief and wellness for your pet.

That being said, lets check out the Top CBD Oil For Horses

1. Green Flower Botanicals Equine CBD Oil

Green Flower Botanicals are one of the few high quality and reputable brands that make full spectrum CBD oil specifically catering to the Equine industry and they don’t disappoint. We all know that horses are heavy and when we want to give the animal up to 1mg per lb of body weight, equine cbd oils need to be in higher concentrations and the cost can be a little higher.

Green Flower offer three different strengths depending on the severity of your pets issues and the size. It comes in a 30ml bottle with three concentrations, 1800mg for approx $200, 3600mg for $370 and 7200mg for $600. Dont forget to use Coupon Code: GREATHEMP20 to get 20% off you purchase.

The hemp used is Non Gmo and grown in Colorad and Kentucky under rigorous testing. Lab tests of the product are readily available on the website and it would be hard to find a more effective product on the market.

Green Flower Offer a 30 day money back guarantee and well as free shipping in the USA.

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2. Nuleaf Naturals 1250mg CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals Are another quality supplier of Full Spectrum CBD Oil for humans, pets and even Horses. Nuleaf Focus 100% of their production on CBD Oils, they dont carry any other products. They do this to ensure that that the product is of the very highest quality and they dont fall too far short.

The CBD oil for horses is the pet formula in the 1450mg version comes in a 30ml bottle . The hemp is grown in the famous fields of Colorado and the product is full spectrum, so you get the full entourage effect and maximum healing effect of the CBD. The Hemp has no fertilizer or pesticides and it is a Non GMO product. The 1450mg bottle costs around $180 and dont forget to us our Coupon Code to get 20% off.

Nuleaf Naturals Offer Free and Fast Shipping within the USA but also ship worldwide.

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3. CBDmd Equine CBD Oil Solutions

CBDmd Offer a broad spectrum solution that is tailored directly to the horse market. CBDmd are a public company are there recipe is for success is providing the highest quality THC free CBD products to the masses at an affordable price and the early signs of their success are looking good.

The Paw Equine 5000mg CBD oil is manufactured from US grown hemp with cutting edge technologies and 100% free from any pesticides or contaminants. Third Party Lab Testing is readily available on their website and the 5000mg 30ml Bottle comes with an apple flavour that horses love and will set you back around $240 which is reasonable. Don’t forget to use our discount code.

CBDmd uses a coconut based MCT oil as a carrier, which brings its own benefits, along with the broad spectrum CBD and the natural Apple flavoring. This is a product that has been rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and standards are made and is perfect for Anxiety, pain and inflammation, insomnia, diabetes and many more.

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