Jack Russell Vs. Cavachon – What Is The Best Breed For You

These dogs are small dogs with charming personalities. They are devoted to their families and love to interact with various activities.

Key Similarities

Both of these breeds are almost the same height and about the same weight. They also have about the same life span. These dogs are intelligent, independent, lively, loyal, and playful.

Key Differences

Jack Russell terriers are more low maintenance, occasionally trip to the groomers for a nail trim if you can’t trim them yourself. He will need to be brushed a couple of times a week to keep the shedding hair under control.

The Cavachon doesn’t shed much, so he’ll need groomed and brushed about twice a week. However, to keep him well-groomed, you will have to take him to be clipped at a professional dog groomer.

The Jack Russell is pretty much an “I’m the only pet” dog. If he grows up with other pets, he’ll do better. But he may try to take on a bigger dog because they are fearless.

The Cavachon gets along well with other pets in the home. Though, he will require training because he will assert himself over his owner.

Pros of Owning a Jack Russell

Even though this is a small dog, he’ll make an excellent watchdog. This breed is very territorial and will let you know when someone is on “his” property. If you enjoy physical activity and want an active dog, then this is the perfect choice of dog for you.

Pros of Owning a Cavachon

This breed has a low shedding cost which is great for people who have allergies. The Cavachon isn’t an aggressive breed in the slightest, and love being around children. He loves his family and wants to be involved in all the details of family life.

Who Should Own a Jack Russell?

The person who owns a Jack Russell should not live in an apartment or a house with a pocket-sized yard. Although these are small dogs, they need a lot of room for activities.

Who Should Own a Cavachon?

If you want a sweet, friendly dog that loves everyone, then this is the dog for you. The breed is family-oriented and gets along with other pets. But if you want a watchdog, this isn’t the dog for that. A Cavachon may alert you when someone is at the door, but that’s about it.

All About the Jack Russell


The Jack Russell terrier has been bred for hunting since the early 1880s. He is a baying terrier which means his bay is to flush out a fox but not kill it. The breed acquired their name from the Reverend John Russell. The Reverend bred the finest working terriers for chasing down foxes in England.

There are two types of Jack Russell terriers. The longer-legged dogs are called Parson Jack Russell terriers, and the shorter-legged dogs are just called Jack Russell terriers.

Size & Appearance

These are fairly small dogs between 13 and 17 pounds, with an average weight of about 14 ½ pounds. The male is 14 inches at the withers, and the female is 13 inches at the withers. The breed has a compact and muscular body.

The coat is a short, double coat that is flat and hard. The colors are white with black markings, tan markings, or all white. All the coats tend to shed.


The life span of a Jack Russell terrier is between 13 to 16 years.

Guard dog or Family

A Jack Russell is a family dog, but he will also guard his family. They are good watchdogs and will protect his family. But if there is a strange dog around and it minds its manners, your Jack Russell will mind his. But if your dog thinks the other dog is a danger, a Jack Russell is so fearless he will even take on a Rottweiler if your dog doesn’t like the attitude of the other dog.

Training & obedience

A Jack Russell has a high prey drive, and you can’t eliminate it in training. They are highly intelligent dogs and will learn almost anything you want to teach them quickly. But the most challenging part of training is convincing your dog that he has to listen to you, even if he’s not in the mood to do so.

If you offer the right mixture of mental stimulation, physical exercise, and confident leadership, then your dog may oblige you. Of course, physical punishment won’t work on these dogs, but the reward method of training will.

Shedding, grooming, and maintenance

This dog sheds continuously and year-round. They are to be bathed about every 4-6 weeks and taken to the groomer occasionally for cutting nails.

Brushing daily will help to keep ahead of the dog hair issue.

Health issues

Your Jack Russell can develop eye and heart disease, Neurological/neuromuscular diseases, Inherited deafness, Orthopedic diseases, and Miscellaneous health problems.

This is why it’s essential to check the health records of both parents before purchasing your dog. A professional breeder will have the medical records on hand.

Cavachon Cattle Dog

Cavachons are the result of generations of mixed breeding, with the sole purpose of creating a perfect companion dog/family pet that is suited to urban living.

First Impressions & History

Cavachons have existed naturally for many years. But they’ve been recognized as an official breed since 1996.

Their size and temperament suits apartment living which plays a large part in the reason for their popularity.

Size & Appearance

Though they vary in size, Cavachons are generally small, weighing only between 15 and 35 pounds and growing to be about 13 inches tall.

They don’t often have only one solid colour, most of them are a mix of cream and white.

Grooming & Shedding

Cavachons have hypoallergenic coats. Brushing their coats three or four times a week and bathing them when necessary will be all the grooming you Cavachon needs.


10-15 Years

Training & Obedience

They are very smart and eager to please you. By using positive reinforcement and patience you can train your Cavachons to be exceptionally obedient.

Exercise Needs

They are quite energetic and active for their size, but because they are so small, only a moderate amount of exercise will be enough for them. A half an hour walk around the block and a bit of playtime at home on a daily basis will suffice.

Guard Dog or Family Pet

While they might be able to alert you to an intrusion, there is no doubt that Cavachons fall into the category of family pet rather than guard dog. They are simply too small to add any form of security.

Quick Facts

  • They have sensitive skin and will require sunscreen in places with extreme weather.
  • They are a social breed and enjoy the company of other animals and children.
  • They are easy-going and will be happy with any living arrangement as long as they are near you.
  • Good option for first-time dog owners

What About?

Temperament & behavior

This is a happy, energetic dog as he has a strong desire to work. He’s happiest when he has a job to do and companionship. Digging is a normal part of this breed’s makeup, and his hunting instinct is strong. You will never overpower his hunting and need to dig instinct.

Because the breed is a baying terrier, your dog will love the sound of his own voice. A Jack Russell is an assertive breed and may not tolerate other animals or children in the home. He will pursue cats and small pet rodents.

These dogs are not suited for apartment living or living with an owner who works a lot. If your dog has too little companionship or mental stimulation, then his behavior will turn destructive.

Plus, if you keep two Jack Russell’s, they should never be left alone together. Something as innocent as the ownership of a chew toy can flare into deadly combat.

Exercise needs

A Jack Russell needs a lot of exercise, and a fenced-in yard is perfect for them. Because the hunting instinct is so strong, your dog will wander off the first chance he gets. He will literally follow his nose and can end up in trouble.

These dogs enjoy long walks and a rousing game of fetch. If you plan on sitting on the couch all day, this isn’t the breed for you. Your Jack Russell will need vigorous daily play sessions. Play chasing a ball will be one of his favorite sports.

Quick facts

  • Jack Russell terriers are better in an only pet household. They don’t get along well with smaller animals and challenge other dogs.
  • Jack Russell is one of the most intense, determined, and energetic of all dog breeds.
  • They love to bark at anyone or anything that they consider an intruder on their turf.

Cavachons In More Detail

Temperament & Behaviour

They have a happy disposition that is infectious. As long as they are with their loved ones they always seem delighted, which is part of their allure.

They are energetic and playful when you want to be, but they can be calm and cuddly when you want to relax. They will adapt to anything, as long as they can stay by your side.

Intelligence levels & Affections Level

Cavachons are highly intelligent and enjoy nothing more than giving and receiving affection. They are social animals and enjoy company and attention from everyone.

Gets On With Other Pets, Animals And Children?

Generally, they enjoy the company of other animals and children. They are small and fragile though, so small children should not interact with them without supervision as they might easily get injured.

They can also become a little jealous when they feel like they haven’t been getting enough attention.

Who Should Consider Buying

Apart from being so adorable, the appeal of a Cavachon is its adaptability, they could be perfect for anyone. All they ask for is love and attention, apart from that they will be happy with any living situation. They make great companions, so apartment dwellers looking for a friend can’t go wrong when choosing a Cavachon.


Cavachons exist with the express purpose of being companions that can find any living arrangement suitable.

They are a great option for people living in the city who would like to have a pet but cannot accommodate the exercise needs of many of the other breeds. Their low maintenance, adaptability and sunny attitudes make them a great option for first-time dog owners too.