Jack Russell Vs. Maltipoo – What Is The Best Breed For You

Jack Russell came from the United Kingdom, and the Maltipoo originated within the United States. These are both small dogs who are family oriented. Both dogs need more exercise than you would think for small dogs.

Key Similarities

Both of these breeds are intelligent and need to be trained early for proper socialization. They are similar in size, weight, and life span. The Jack Russell and the Maltipoo are affectionate, cheerful, and courageous little dogs.

Key Differences

Jack Russell can be a handful because he’s such an energic dog. If he isn’t paid enough attention, then a barking issue can develop. His coat is either short and smooth or rough and longer. Jack Russell shed heavily and will leave dog hair everywhere. Brushing him daily will help curb this issue.

The Maltipoo is a little ball of energy, too but easier to train. The coat is more wavy than curly and is fluffy, making him look like a little teddy bear. This breed also sheds less than a Jack Russell, which is easier on people who are hypoallergic.

Pros of Owning a Jack Russell

The American Kennel Club recognizes the Jack Russell if that sort of thing is important to you. These are very active dogs, always up for a run or a rousing game of fetch. A Jack Russell has a vibrant personality. He’s devoted, intelligent, lively, and playful.

Pros of Owning a Maltipoo

These little dogs are social dogs and love spending time with his family. This breed is excellent for a first-time dog owner. The Maltipoo is intelligent and easy to train and makes a great family pet. They enjoy exercise, and two walks a day will keep them happy. This breed doesn’t shed much, so you won’t be covered in dog hair when you leave your home.

Who Should Own a Jack Russell?

A person that owns a Jack Russell needs to be active because this is a very busy dog. You will need a yard because this breed doesn’t do well cooped up n an apartment. You will also need some patience because this dog can be stubborn at times.

Who Should Own a Maltipoo?

A first-time dog owner can handle a Maltipoo. These dogs do well in apartment situations as long as they are walked enough. This breed seems to have an affinity for older people and makes excellent therapy dogs.

All About the Jack Russell


The Jack Russell terrier has been bred for hunting since the early 1880s. He is a baying terrier which means his bay is to flush out a fox but not kill it. The breed acquired their name from the Reverend John Russell. The Reverend bred the finest working terriers for chasing down foxes in England.

There are two types of Jack Russell terriers. The longer-legged dogs are called Parson Jack Russell terriers, and the shorter-legged dogs are just called Jack Russell terriers.

Size & Appearance

These are fairly small dogs between 13 and 17 pounds, with an average weight of about 14 ½ pounds. The male is 14 inches at the withers, and the female is 13 inches at the withers. The breed has a compact and muscular body.

The coat is a short, double coat that is flat and hard. The colors are white with black markings, tan markings, or all white. All the coats tend to shed.


The life span of a Jack Russell terrier is between 13 to 16 years.

Guard dog or Family

A Jack Russell is a family dog, but he will also guard his family. They are good watchdogs and will protect his family. But if there is a strange dog around and it minds its manners, your Jack Russell will mind his. But if your dog thinks the other dog is a danger, a Jack Russell is so fearless he will even take on a Rottweiler if your dog doesn’t like the attitude of the other dog.

Training & obedience

A Jack Russell has a high prey drive, and you can’t eliminate it in training. They are highly intelligent dogs and will learn almost anything you want to teach them quickly. But the most challenging part of training is convincing your dog that he has to listen to you, even if he’s not in the mood to do so.

If you offer the right mixture of mental stimulation, physical exercise, and confident leadership, then your dog may oblige you. Of course, physical punishment won’t work on these dogs, but the reward method of training will.

Shedding, grooming, and maintenance

This dog sheds continuously and year-round. They are to be bathed about every 4-6 weeks and taken to the groomer occasionally for cutting nails.

Brushing daily will help to keep ahead of the dog hair issue.

Health issues

Your Jack Russell can develop eye and heart disease, Neurological/neuromuscular diseases, Inherited deafness, Orthopedic diseases, and Miscellaneous health problems.

This is why it’s essential to check the health records of both parents before purchasing your dog. A professional breeder will have the medical records on hand.

All About the Maltipoo


The hybrid was established in the 1990s to bring together the Maltese and the Poodle traits together. The other opinion was that the breed was created for people with allergies since the dander is low.

Size & appearance

These are small dogs about 11 inches in height and about 5 to 18 pounds in weight. Your dog could look like either one of his parents or both of them. The eyes are usually brown, but sometimes the eyes can be blue, although it is rare. Their ears are floppy, and the tails curl over the dog’s body.

The coat color can be any combination of their parents. For example, most of the time, a Maltipoo will have the thick and curly coat of the Poodle parent. But sometimes, the coat of the Maltese parent will show up, so the coat will be long and flowing.


The life span can be between 12 and 14 years.

Guard dog or Family

These dogs are known to be family dogs but can become protective of their family members. Sometimes this protectiveness can turn into guard dog behavior.

Training & behavior

The Maltipoo is somewhat easy to train if you’re consistent and use the reward method. They love to be taught new tricks, adjust well to a new environment, and settle in quickly.

Shedding, grooming, and maintenance

No matter which type of coat your Maltipoo will have, both will need to be brushed daily. Also, your dog will need to be professionally groomed about every 6 weeks.

Depending on how much Poodle your dog has in him will depend on how much he sheds. He will also need to have his ears cleaned, so your dog doesn’t get an ear infection.

Health issues

For health issues, the most problematic are luxating patella, tracheal collapse, eye issues, white dog shaker syndrome, liver issues, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

Always ask to see the health certification of both parents before buying your puppy from the breeder.

What About?

Temperament & behavior

This is a happy, energetic dog as he has a strong desire to work. He’s happiest when he has a job to do and companionship. Digging is a normal part of this breed’s makeup, and his hunting instinct is strong. You will never overpower his hunting and need to dig instinct.

Because the breed is a baying terrier, your dog will love the sound of his own voice. A Jack Russell is an assertive breed and may not tolerate other animals or children in the home. He will pursue cats and small pet rodents.

These dogs are not suited for apartment living or living with an owner who works a lot. If your dog has too little companionship or mental stimulation, then his behavior will turn destructive.

Plus, if you keep two Jack Russell’s, they should never be left alone together. Something as innocent as the ownership of a chew toy can flare into deadly combat.

Exercise needs

A Jack Russell needs a lot of exercise, and a fenced-in yard is perfect for them. Because the hunting instinct is so strong, your dog will wander off the first chance he gets. He will literally follow his nose and can end up in trouble.

These dogs enjoy long walks and a rousing game of fetch. If you plan on sitting on the couch all day, this isn’t the breed for you. Your Jack Russell will need vigorous daily play sessions. Play chasing a ball will be one of his favorite sports.

Quick facts

  • Jack Russell terriers are better in an only pet household. They don’t get along well with smaller animals and challenge other dogs.
  • Jack Russell is one of the most intense, determined, and energetic of all dog breeds.
  • They love to bark at anyone or anything that they consider an intruder on their turf.

What About?

Temperament & Behaviour

These are friendly, happy dogs that love to spend time with their owners. The Maltipoo is loyal to a fault and has the affectionate of the Maltese mixed with the Poodles intelligence.

When socialized at a young age, they will get along with other pets and animals. These are charming dogs that are easy to love.

Exercise Needs

Maltipoos need around 40 minutes of exercise daily. This can be broken into two walks twice a day. Plus, mental stimulation is necessary, so games and playing fetch as good ways for your dog to get it.

Quick facts

  • The cost of a Maltipoo puppy ranges from $400 to $2000.
  • These are small dogs with small faces and short legs. Maltipoos have ears that perk up when they run and a short tail that waves gently.
  • The Maltipoo isn’t recognized by either the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club.