CBD For Rabbits

As more and more pet owners jump on the CBD bandwagon, there’s still one big question – can my rabbit take CBD? Surprisingly little information exists on its benefits, dosage, and side effects outside of bunny forums. It seems that rabbit owners are eager to learn how this wonderful compound can help. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide to CBD for rabbits. No furry friend left behind.

The Endocannabinoid System In Rabbits

Back in 1988, a group of scientists came across something completely new – receptors in mammalian brains that responded to cannabinoids. While this discovery was made in rats, the existence of an endocannabinoid system was soon confirmed in all mammals. As it turns out, cannabinoid compounds naturally exist within rabbits to regulate regular bodily processes, such as sleep, appetite, and mood. Research has now expanded to test the effects of phytocannabinoids, such as CBD, on small mammals within the lab. These same CB1 and CB2 receptors attract CBD to stimulate signaling required for total body health.

The most important question – is CBD oil safe for rabbits?

CBD For Rabbits 2

Before we get into the details, let’s clear the air. CBD research is very new, so it’s tough to make definitive conclusions about long-term effects, both good and bad. However, most research is conducted on small mammals, such as rabbits, so we can be pretty sure the current literature holds true. So far, little to no side effects exist with dose-appropriate administration of CBD. However, THC is toxic to rabbits, so make sure you get hemp-based oils void of THC.

Although it’s widely regarded as safe by veterinarians, its novelty makes it a rarely-prescribed product to treat illness. In fact, many vets are bound by law to not recommend it as a medical intervention. Rather, CBD acts more like a vitamin or dietary supplement. It forms part of a holistic approach to animal health, preventing decline and degradation across your rabbit’s life.

Benefits of CBD Oil For Rabbits

Despite being a relatively new product, CBD shows promise in a variety of health benefits for rabbits. It can reduce widespread joint pain and provide relief for even the most anxious of bunnies. It’s also useful to treat seizures, other mood problems, and combat the negative effects of aging. Read on to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil.

CBD combats painful joints

Unfortunately, our rabbits can’t communicate when they’re hurting. Any pet owner knows the tell-tale signs of pain, however – limping, lack of mobility, or recoiling from being touched. Whether it’s regular aches from hopping around or pain from a more acute injury, CBD oils can help. Cannabinoids within the body target certain pain-modulating receptors. By binding with these receptors, CBD helps relieve your rabbit’s discomfort through modulating painful signals.

Give your rabbit CBD for seizures

The anti-epileptic effects of CBD are strongly supported. Regular CBD administration lowers the frequency of seizures, and it can also make them less powerful. Research in rats confirms this, as CBD interacts with neurotransmitters that slow brain activity. We know rabbits aren’t rats, but they’re biologically similar. As seizures and erratic neuronal firing go hand-in-hand, taking CBD can calm your bunny’s symptoms.

CBD fights anxiety and depressive moods

CBD For Rabbits
Rabbits are known for their activity and curious little personalities. Sometimes, however, this takes a turn in to anxiety. Plus, rabbits get depressed too! As a rabbit loving pet owner, you can tell when your rabbit is feeling down. Mood disorders are as real in rabbits as they are in humans. While you should always speak with your vet if you suspect something is up, taking CBD assists natural mood regulation. By controlling hormonal balance within a rabbit’s brain, CBD and the endocannabinoid system help your rabbit respond well to stress, changes in the environment, or just plain loneliness.

Senior living – CBD for the aging rabbit

CBD oils pack a one-two punch for brain health. By combining healthy, omega-3 fats with cannabidiol, hemp oils provide vital nutrients for healthy neurons. Fats form cellular membranes involved in signal transmission within the brain, and cannabinoids act as antioxidants to fight dangerous inflammation and degradation. CBD oils can maintain memory, learning, and mood as your rabbit becomes a senior citizen.

What’s the best CBD dose for rabbits?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one  single widely-recommended and agreed upon dose for rabbits, as it’s still such a new intervention. Fortunately, CBD is relatively innocuous, so you don’t have to worry about giving them too much. Holistic vets recommend starting at 2-3 drops a few times per day to see how your bunny responds. Think of CBD oils as more of a dietary vitamin – a few drops per day can keep the doctor away.

The Best CBD Products For Rabbits

CBD For Pets

If you’re ready to give CBD a try, how do you know which products to pick? Most CBD oils are marketed to humans, and even the ones for pets cater primarily to dogs and cats. While no company designs CBD specifically for rabbits (as of now), there are a few reputable brands that cater only to pets.

CBDmd are a public company with quality products for pets and competitive prices. they go above-and-beyond your run-of-the-mill CBD product for pets. They make oils specifically for all varieties of animals, ensuring a wide-blend of benefits.

As your rabbit is unlikely to just eat the oil out of the dropper (cantankerous little bunnies), you can just coat a few pellets with their product. For a nice CBD rabbit treat, consider adding CBD oil to a strawberry or an apple slice.

CBDmd are also completely THC free and they have the third party lab testing to prove it. Since THC may be toxic to your pet, CBDmd is an excellent choice and they also offer great value.

Feline CBDmd Oil

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So what’s the takeaway here? CBD is a relatively new dietary supplement for pets and humans alike. Research shows that there are few, if any, side effects when dosed appropriately. The most important consideration is quality. Always do your research when looking for a nice CBD for your rabbit. You want only the purest, THC-free, organically sourced products for your pet. That’s why we recommend CBDmd for rabbits. To learn more, check out this informational video about CBD for pets. Here’s to a happy, healthy life for all rabbits!